Wonderful World of BYO POOLS


Welcome to the wonderful world of BYO POOLS where getting discounted low prices and top quality combined with excellent service is the norm, not the exception.

When you become a client of BYO POOLS you join our happy and contented family of thousands of happy pool owners.

We by pass all the middle men to bring DISCOUNTED TRADE PRICES to the most valuable person..YOU.
Having built their first pool over 30 years ago, saving many thousands of dollars as a D.I.Y. project. B.Y.O. Pools, principals are happy to now assist others to SAVE SAVE thousands of $$$$$ by arranging either a D.I.Y project .OR.Full and complete installation project.

Since then they have refined and perfected the art of D.I.Y. and provide this service by way of Build Your Own Pools (BYO) whose motto is “The prices are low at BYO” and who are acknowledged leaders in swimming pool construction & installation.

BYO POOLS are such a superior product, Why are our prices lower? Volume. We sell several hundred pool kits each year, bringing you the best possible prices.

We sell our pools factory direct, which means you get the bottom line price and direct shipping right to your home. There is no middle man to deal with. Your product is not handled by extra people and warehouses, thus bringing the bottom line price directly to you.
Full and complete installation project

BYO POOLS will supply you with everything you may need for your pool ( Pool shell and all equipment including Solar Heating / Heat Pumps etc ) at DISCOUNT PRICES and also introduce you to pool installers in your area who will take care of that aspect of the job for you at a discounted price, meaning you save even more lovely hard earned $$$$$.

Affordable Family Fun

Why save for months, to have a vacation that lasts a few short days when you can have your vacation at home for years to come? At BYO Pools your dream becomes a reality, at a price you can afford.