Pool Equipment

HURLCON ASTRAL are world renowned Pool Equipment manufacturers and we partner with them to bring you a TOP QUALITY range of Pool Equipment for long lasting maintenance free pool care.

FAST SERVICE and WARRANTY call attendance to have you experience a minimum of inconvenience in the unlikely event you ever have an issue.

Conventional Pool Pumps available.
3 Speed variable Pool Pumps available.

We also partner with MAYTRONICS whose range of ROBOTIC POOL CLEANERS are world wide famous and referred to as The ROLLS ROYCE of pool cleaners.

Having a ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER is like having a full time pool valet at your service 24/7.



CONVENTIONAL POOL CLEANERS are many and varied and it’s hard to go past THE DOLPHIN ROBOTIC CLEANER for all round value for money in this area.

HEAT PUMPS are the smart technology way to heat your pool and we supply a full range of sizes to cater to ALL size pools. This allows you to swim 24/7.

GAS POOL HEATING is also available in both NATURAL GAS and also BOTTLED GAS appliances to heat your pool. This allows you to swim 24/7.

SOLAR POOL HEATING is the most inexpensive way to HEAT your POOL as the sun supplies the energy for free. This allows you to swim an EXTRA 8 to 10 weeks or so beyond the usual summer period.

POOL BLANKETS and ROLLERS are also available.
HIDDEN POOL ROLLERS can also be available.

IN FACT, if it’s for a POOL, then BYO POOLS can obtain it for you and will do so at our usual DISCOUNT PRICING which has found favour with people across Australia these past 40 years.

BYO POOLS Pty Ltd are proud partners with the following 4 major Pool Equipment manufacturer